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Arlen has never seen a headless body... especially one that walks. In this third book in the series a headless man steals the power of wizards  to change time for his own gain. Will Arlen stop him before everything he has come to love is wiped from existence?

About C. G. Durrant

Colin lives in Buckinghamshire with his wife and two daughters. He became interested in fiction at an early age and found a fondness for the marcarbe. His greatest influences have been the likes of Stephen King and Clive Barker.

The Faithless Void is the third and last book in this series. It's still being edited but once completed it will run at about one-hundred and thirty-thousand words.

Check him out on his Facebook page.  Click HERE where you can view his book trailers, chat to him, learn more about his other books and upcoming projects and talk to a few of his characters. 

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Colin George Durrant

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The Faithless Void is the last book in this fantastic series. It's still being edited to ensure it offers its readers the quiality they deserve.


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The Theft of Lies series

The Theft of Lies series consists of three books, Theft of Lies, Among Thorns and The Faithless Void. The series follows young Arlen on his adventures from this world and into a medieval realm where the two worlds collide. You can learn more about the stories from the links below.

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