Creating a TOC in Smashwords

I have decided to write a post about Creating a TOC in your MS word story for submission to Smashwords. I had trouble with this initially so thought it might be a good idea to write a short section if it may help others. I use the word "story" here in relation to MS word as technically it is not a manuscript as it’s formatting will not match that criteria but will be formatted as an eBook in MS word.

There are two ways really of doing this that I have found the easiest – the second is principally the first method with an additional step.

The first method:

First thing is to highlight each chapter heading ( chapter one ) with your cursor. It’s important to highlight the entire section as you wish it to appear in your TOC, including any sub-heading for that chapter. With that required section highlighted, go to the Insert option on the menu bar and click on Bookmark. Then call the bookmark something like c1 for chapter one then carry out the same process for the remaining chapters. Essentially, what you are doing here is bookmarking the chapters to enable Smashwords to identify them as chapter headings.

That’s it. Once submitted to SmashWords their metagrinder will then recognise the chapters and create a TOC for those headings.

It will probably then look something like this:

Story Title





The second method: