Creating Paperback book on Amazon

So, a few days ago I decided to create a paperback format of on of my eBooks on Amazon - Flat Number 9. It's relatively new service that Amazon are offering. I won't go into too much detail here as to how it works as Amazon has a walk-through for this but basically, if anyone wants to purchase a paperback version of your book then they can. It's offered as an option on your product page for your eBook version ( or at least - should be and by that I mean that I needed to contact Amazon to specifically ask them to link the paperback version to my eBook version so that a potential buyer can see all formats available for your book.

The paperback is created on demand and this means that there will be no up-front cost to you; the cost of production is taking from your royalties. The good thing also is that they give you a break-down on the cost of production...fixed cost, plus cost per page equals total cost. Amazon ensure that you will not be running at a negative cost and will tell you the minimum you need to price your book for to cover the cost of production. For a book that is about a hundred and twenty pages, you're probably looking at about $3.00, perhaps slightly under. You then price your book over that based on how much profit your want to make - taking into consideration that the price tag you put on that over the cost of production will still be subject to minus %40 for Amazon and you'll receive %60. One thing for sure is that you won't run into a negative cost...Amazon won't allow that, which is good for you.

At present there are not many Authors on Amazon who are using this service but those that are seem to be pricing a hundred-page book at about £7.40 or so that I guess is just over $9.00. I want to be competitive but still want to make a profit...if I can and so priced mine with the same page-count at £6.95 that is about $8.50. What you need to take into account is delivery charges if the customer is not in Amazon Prime or there is no "free delivery special offer". This will add about £2.00 to the price bringing the total to about £9.00. Now, that's actually quite a lot for a paperback of this size. From all this, you can expect to make about £2.00 profit...and to be fair you wouldn't expect a chunk of profit from postage costs.

Weather or not this will take off or be worthwhile, I don't know. However, it's worth doing as it adds another option and you get charged only if someone does buy so really you can't lose by using that service.

A note about formatting:

Amazon offer the use of a template that you can download and this will be presented to you during the process. I would take advantage of this and use it and try to keep to their formatting. Initially, it looks a little overwhelming but it's not that bad and if you've already jumped through Amazon's hoops for eBook formatting then you would be used to it by now.

The only point I had trouble with was when it came to covers. I would recommend using their Cover Creation option. Now, this does not mean that you'll be creating a new cover using their templates only. It&