Audio book production...the journey begins.

Hi, I've decided to start a post about audio books, specifically my experiences in producing them...which, at present is precisely zero. I'll try to enter something daily, regarding my progress. I was looking to have my books converted to audio and approached several not-to-be-named companies and freelances who wanted to charge me the equivalent of the cost of a new car...okay, not quite but it was certainly enough for to start thinking about doing it myself.

The only thing I know about it so far is that I need a contraption called a...microphone. Bang - that's it. So, I will try to post something every day...or every other day...depending on how sressed I get when learning what I need to learn.

I think the first thing to do is to ensure that there is a market for audio books. It doesn't take a lot to realize that there is. I have spent some time establishing statistics for audio book growth in the market over the years and even though I'm not going to go through that now it is clear that it's still expanding and is currently a multi-billion pound industry. It's also worth noting that while eBooks have saturated the market audio books have not and the demand actually ( from what I have read ) outweighs the supply.

Dec 31, 2016

They came again - the zombie-vampires; stinking half-breeds: ravenous and dangerously sentient. No wait...sorry, wrong post.

Okay, I've spent several hours Googling and Youtubing audio book production. Maybe this is common knowledge but for me it wasn't: the most prominent marketplace to upload audio books for distribution to Amazon's Audible platform and to Itunes as well is ACX Audio Creation eXchange. This is definitely the place to be if you're interested in creating and uploading versions of your eBooks. Once done, your audio book will be available as an audio book and will also link to your eBook equivalent and will show as an optional format to download. There is a wealth of information on ACX for Authors wishing to narrate their own books as well as audio book producers etc.

There is also a very large section of authors who are looking for narrators to narrate their stories so the potential for making money is here. You need to audition for the opportunity to narrate another author's book. It was then that it kind of hit home that I am essentially moving into the realm of acting.

You need to understand the tone of the book, obviously the story, the characters etc. There are many requirements that